Official Israel United In Christ T-shirt

Official Israel United In Christ T-shirt

Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in Apparel | 31 comments

Get your official Israel United in Christ Shirt. You can also order the shirt with Gold fringes with a border of blue.

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  1. how do u get this shirt and how to get the robes

    • you have to go through your camp leader.

  2. How can we order the purple t-shirts and do you have unite israelites in Christ in Detroit. Michigan? We are Hebrewss from the tribe of Judah. We need to fellowship with other Hebrews that are living the true. I cam out the pentecostal/ Apostolic church me and my wife and some of my family members. We have been listening and have learn so much from your teaching. My son has accepted the teaching and teaching his two sons. We are learning about the fringes and my wife is a seamtress and will be sewing the fringes real soon. God bless all of you I hope we meet others up here in Michigan State

  3. when will they be up

    • The shirts are on back order from the t-shirt company, we’re looking at the end of may to the middle of june.

  4. do you ship to the uK?

    • Yes we do… just make sure your address is written exactly as it should be!

  5. Excuse typos please, largest male size shirt in black or white

    • 5X in black.

      • Shalom.. Are the shirts pre-shrunk? need to make up my mind on the size i want to get

        • Yes they are preshrunk.

  6. What is the largest make size Black our white Tshirt w/ Black Yeshua on it do you have in stock?? Want to place Ann order ASAP!?

  7. Are these shirt only available in Small size’s???

    • Shalom Michael,

      The shirt is in limited supply, We are in the process of ordering more inventory, expect the other sizes to be available shortly, as for now the smaller sizes are what’s left.

      • OK thanks…

  8. I’m waiting to purchase the black T-shirt with christ image on it please let me know when its in stock

    • We now have that item in stock!!!

  9. I’m thrilled about these shirts. I’m trying to purchase a 3XL I.U.I.C shirt with fringes and a border of blue, but it’s out of stock. I would like to know when the shirts will be back in stock. Thanks, and shalom.

  10. All praise..

  11. Shalom Israel.. Does anyone know how long will the delay on these t-shirts be? MHNCB

    • Shalom Shemaiah, We’ve just heard from our vendor, the shirts have been finished and our being shipped to us as we speak, Lords will, you will get it soon

  12. When Will ya’ll Be receiving a new Shipment?

    • We’re working on printing them in house instead of having Esau make them for us… be patient brother.

      • Thank You, Brother. MHNCB

  13. The shirts look great!! I would like to order the IUIC t-shirt for women but I don’t see a specific tab for that. Shirts with fringes and a border of blue is the ordained attire for the children of Israel; Numbers 15:38-40….This is beautiful THANKS!!

  14. shalom bro and sis loving the shirt looking to order mine soon

  15. Fire! Can’t wait to get mine.

  16. These shirts look “fresh” for a lack of better words.
    I want to get two of them one for me and one for my lil sister.

  17. This is HOT!!!


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