The Slave Trade Was Bible Prophecy Camp Sign


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This Camp Sign shows historical reference to show that the so-called ” White Americans” and the so-called “White Race” (Caucasians) are the Edomites, descendants of Esau. The Eagle is used in the bible as a symbol to describe the “White” Empires from Greece, Rome, Spain to America.

This is one of many essential materials needed for teaching Israel. This also includes a full sized map of Africa and the land of Israel.

Print sizes are available in 13×19 and 24×40 inches. We suggest getting this mounted and laminated at your local Print Center for optimal usage and protection of your new Camp Sign.

Giclée prints –
All our Camp Signs and Fine Art Prints are produced using the Giclée method, on High Quality ink-jet machines using 8 separate colors to bring out the beauty and detail of each print.

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