Understandest Thou, What Thou Readest?


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When a government became a mighty nation in ancient times (i.e. Babylon, Greece or Rome); they are literally or symbolically mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

In the last days the United States of America is the most powerful super power on Earth; however there is no scriptural mention of them according to the world’s Christian leaders. Why?

Society as a whole has been fascinated by the history of Christ and his people the Israelites. Yet what happened to them and where are they today? And was declaring Israel a state in 1948 prophetic?

Why were Negroes brought and sold into slavery? Over 100 million Black men, women and children died during the middle passage. Is such a horrific holocaust prophesied in scriptures?

People around the world believe the famous painting of Christ is an accurate depiction. Thousands have been killed because of that image. Is that painting a portrait of another historic figure from the early days of the renaissance? You won’t be able to find the answers to these questions in any Church or man made religion.

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