Welcome to the Original Royalty Blog

Welcome to the Original Royalty Blog

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To The Visitors of This Blog…

In Acts 8:30,31 a young man was reading the scriptures and the disciple Phillip asked him “Understandest thou, what thou readest.” the man responded “How can I except some man should guide me.” This blog was created solely as a guide to understanding the basic meaning of scriptures NOT as a substitute for the Holy Bible.

The content on this blog… is by NO means an attempt to make one bitter, NEITHER is it meant as a personal attack against anyone. Christ said: “Blessed is he, who is not offended in me.” (Matthew 11:6)

The Apostle Paul asked in Galatians 4:16 “Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth.?” Discovering the truth has been our personal life commitment, and helping others achieve Biblical understanding which has been kept secret in the earth for the past 400 years. Christ also said: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

This is the way, walk ye in it!



  1. I’m a beginner in all this so I order some DVDs I feel right about this I also watch the u tub and it helps everyday after work I just won’t to say thanks for the love of Yah

  2. Shalom, I noticed that you are out of stock on some of the shirts, will you be ordering more??

    • We’re launching a new system that will be ready next month, so no more shirts going out of stock… we’ll send promotions when ready.

  3. I love the song “I’m a Man” from the Original Royalty cd. How can I get the lyrics?

  4. Shalom family, I had ordered a Zemira CD, and I already paid for it through PayPal, and I have not yet received it, and then I went online to see about it and it said out of stock.

    • Shalom, place an email with our customer service site so we can investigate, Thank you for your purchase!

  5. Shalom. I’ve been watching the youtube videos since oct. I prayed for the truth and now I have it. I’m not letting go! I also donated once and trying to donate every time I get paid, but i can’t find the donate tab like i did at first. Also, i purchased some items (one which was a t-shirt),but i don’t want to wear it until i’m an official member. I live in maryland but there’s no camp here. I drove 2hrs to DC to that address but noone was there. Please help.

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